Community Building Resources

From in-depth audio interviews to community case studies, explore these companion resources for Get Together.

Where are you in your community-building journey?

  1. Spark the Flame

  2. Stoke the Fire

  3. Pass the Torch


Get Together podcast: “How I Built This” with community leaders

A show on the nuts and bolts of community-building. You can hear the full stories from many of the incredible community leaders featured in the book.

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👇🏽 Resources for every stage of community 👇🏽

As is true when you build a fire, there’s an order of operations you can follow to cultivate communities that burn bright.


Stage I /
Getting Together


Step 1

Pinpoint your people

Interview with Hector Espinal, We Run Uptown

Hec started WRU Crew, a run club for his community in Washington Heights.

Podcast | Transcript

Interview with Chad Nelsen, Surfrider Foundation

Surfrider CEO Chad Nelsen on how their chapters around the world join forces to protect our oceans. 🌊

Podcast | Transcript


Step 2

Do something together

Weight Watchers (WW) Case Study

What we can learn from Weight Watchers as a distributed community model

Interview with Gavin Pretor-Pinney, The Cloud Appreciation Society

How Gavin grew the Cloud Appreciation Society to 40,000 Members. ☁️

Podcast | Transcript

Interview with Ryan Fitzgibbon, Hello Mr.

How Ryan built Hello Mr. hand-in-hand with its community

Interview with Nobu Adilman, Choir! Choir! Choir!

Nobu shares the story of Choir! Choir! Choir!, a weekly choir he and Daveed Goldman started 10 years ago. 🎶

Podcast | Transcript


Choir! Choir! Choir! performs

This is what it sounds like when 1999 people pay tribute to Prince and sing When Doves Cry. Recorded live in Toronto at Massey Hall on Monday, May 2, 2016.


Step 3

Get people talking

Instant Pot Case Study

How Robert Wang’s small pressure cooker company cultivated a rabid community of “Potheads.” 🍲

Podcast | Case Study

Interview with Lola Omolola, Female IN

How Lola started Female IN (FIN), a Private Facebook Group with 1.8 Million+ Members

Podcast | Transcript



Sticking Together


Step 4

Attract new folks

Marshall Ganz’s Public Narrative

In this video series from the Resistance School, Prof. Ganz gives a crash course in telling your story of self, us, and now.

Interview with Aria McManus, Downtown Girls Basketball

Aria started downtown girls basketball, a team for women ‘Who Are Specifically Bad at Basketball.’ 🏀

Podcast | Transcript


Step 5

Cultivate your identity

Rapha Cycling Club Case Study

Why Rapha is the new Harley-Davidson 🚴‍♀️

Kursat Ozenc on rituals

“Introducing Ritual Design: meaning, purpose, and behavior change” by Kursat of the Ritual Design Lab


Handshakes with the 2018 Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs players “provide some insight into how they come up with the uniquely elaborate handshakes.”


Step 6

Pay attention to who keeps showing up

Interview with Mia Quagliarello, YouTube’s First Community Manager

Mia joined YouTube in 2006, just a year after it launched. She reflects on what she learned building community in YouTube’s early years. 📹



Growing Together


Step 7

Create more leaders

Edcamp Case Study

“How 11 Teachers Became 150,000: The Story Behind the Edcamp Community” 🍎

Interview with Margret Aldrich, Little Free Library

“Today, There Are More Than 80,000 Little Free Libraries in 91 Countries. But the Movement Began with Just One Man in Wisconsin.” 📚

Podcast | Transcript


Step 8

Supercharge your leaders

Interview with Kyle Baptista and Lisa Cifuentes, CreativeMornings

Meet the masters behind the CreativeMornings community: Lisa Cifuentes and Kyle Baptista. 200 chapters and counting!

Podcast | Summary


Kevin’s lessons from scaling CreativeMornings

Kevin, the first employee at CreativeMornings, shares his story and the tools required to build a thriving global creative community.


Step 9

Celebrate together

Interview with Dan Madsen, Official Star Wars Fan Club

Lucasfilm Asked a Star Wars Superfan Named Dan Madsen to Rebuild Their Fan Community. Dan Nailed It.

Podcast | Transcript

Interview with Tim Williams, World Aeropress Championship

The World AeroPress Championship Brings Together the Planet’s Most Fun-Loving Baristas. CEO Tim Williams Shares the Story Behind the Phenomenon. ☕

Podcast | Transcript

Interview with Sara Pollack, YouTube

At YouTube, Sara Pollack Made ‘Life in a Day,’ a Film Made by YouTubers Around the Globe.

Podcast | Transcript


Priya Parker’s steps to create transformative gatherings

Why do some gatherings take off and others don't? Author Priya Parker shares three easy steps to turn your parties, dinners, meetings and holidays into meaningful, transformative gatherings. 🎉